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Hello, it's Vanessa Dubola here to talk to you about biking. When I was a young girl, I struggled to lose weight and keep it off. I continually focused on my diet in an attempt to keep the excess pounds at bay. Eventually, I realized that I was living a sedentary lifestyle that was making it difficult to stay at a healthy weight. As a result, I picked up biking as my new hobby. I started spending a lot of time on my mountain bike. I rode on trails, streets and through parks to work out my body and burn calories. Since I was instantly in love with this hobby, I started picking up lots of biking gear. I'd like to use this site to discuss biking gear uses and benefits. I hope you follow along and learn something new about gear used for biking. Thanks for visiting.

5 Great Gift Ideas For Gun Lovers

Looking for that special gift for the gun enthusiast in your life? Rather than simply buying them another gun, which they'd probably prefer to pick out themselves anyway, why not snag one of these gun accessories? These five gun-related gift ideas will make their gun hobby more fun, organized, or streamlined, and likely win you some major points:

High-tech Earmuffs

Shooting ear protection has come a long way over the years. Surprise your gun lover with high-tech electronic earmuffs. These modern earmuffs come with settings that can be personalized to individual preferences. Some allow for the ability to hear lower level sounds, such as conversation, while effectively blocking out the much louder sound of the gun being fired.

These earmuffs are often mp3-enabled, allowing the wearer to listen to music while they practice firing their weapon. Most importantly, they effectively protect the shooter's ears from hearing damage caused by the loudness of their gun.

Reloading Supplies

Reloading is a way to save money by allowing gun enthusiasts to reuse the brass shell casings from bullets after they've been shot. Reloading kits come in a variety of styles, including some that are geared toward beginner re-loaders and some that may require more experience, so be sure to discuss all of your options with your gun accessory sales representative.

By purchasing gun reloading supplies for the gun enthusiast on your gift list, you will help them save money in the long run and allow them to spend more time  enjoying their gun hobby.

Portable Gun Vault

Portable or "nano" gun vaults are great for those who like to travel with their handguns. Rather than attempting to lug around a large, heavy, standard gun vault, they can simply carry their handgun in the smaller, portable version. These gun vaults are durable and come with secured locks, either with a key or a combination.

They are also small enough to stash discreetly inside a messenger bag or briefcase, or under the seat of a car if the gun owner has a concealed carry permit.  Portable gun vaults even meet TSA gun transport guidelines, as long as the gun owner follows all laws and regulations for traveling by air with a gun. When used at home, portable gun vaults help protect your family, and particularly any children in your home, since they won't easily be able to access the gun.

Concealed Carry Permit Course

If you know they've been considering taking a concealed carry or other gun safety course, why not surprise them by paying for it for them? They will get to learn better gun safety, and earn the right to carry a gun when they're in their car or on their person, without having to fork over for the sometimes expensive courses.

Simply contact your local gun safety course to see if they offer gift certificates. You can check here to see if concealed carry permits are legal in your state.

Splatter Targets

Instead of spending a bunch of money to go to the shooting range on a regular basis, some gun enthusiasts prefer to practice at home with their own targets. Target practice at home is even more fun with splatter targets. These targets "splatter" bright neon colors wherever you hit the target. This makes it much easier to see where you hit, especially from a distance, so you don't have to walk all the way to the target. This is especially fun if you are having a little friendly target practice competition.

Any of these gift ideas will likely be considered quite thoughtful and met with enthusiasm by the gun lover in your life.