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Common Archery Terms To Learn Before You Begin The Sport

Is archery a sport that you find yourself increasingly interested in? If so, there's a few terms you should familiarize yourself with before diving into the sport headfirst. This brief article will give you the lowdown on all of the terms you need to know, as well as a brief introduction to archery.

What Is Archery?

Archery is a sport, or a form of hunting, that is played with a stringed bow and arrow. The archer rests the arrow on his or her bow, pulls back the string of the bow, and releases it, causing the arrow to fly through the air, hopefully reaching its desired target. In order to get the most out of archery, you should understand common archery terms used during the sport:

  • Arrow – The arrow is one of two instruments, along with the bow, that is absolutely integral to the sport of archery. It is a shafted projectile with a pointed "head" at the end that is propelled by the bow.
  • Anchor Point – This is the point on the archer's face that the archer's hand should touch when the bow is fully drawn back and ready for release. Archers generally strive for a consistent anchor point.
  • Quiver – This is a container, usually a large pouch slung over the shoulder or tied around the waist, that contains the archer's projectiles. Usually arrows or bolts are contained within.
  • Broached – This term is used when arrow changes direction suddenly or without warning due to a change in weather, most commonly due to wind.
  • Butts – Butts refers to an area that archers use to practice. Generally, butts are mounds of earth that are used for target practice in place of tournament style targets.
  • Cock Feather – A cock feather is a very important piece of an arrow. The cock feather is a fletch that is differently colored than the rest of the feathers, indicating where an archer should align his or her eyesight in order to perfect a target.
  • Rest – The rest is a specifically designed object used to adequately hold an arrow against the handle until it is ready for release.
  • Draw Weight – Draw weight is the amount of force in pounds that must be used to draw the string of a bow back 28 inches.
  • Draw Length – The draw length refers to each individual's unique length of string draw. This essentially means how far a person should draw back a string before releasing it for an excellent or adequate shot.
  • String Loop – A string loop is a looped device that fashions itself around the string of the bow. The archer places his or her fingers into the device, which, for some people, allows them a better grip with more control.
  • Limbs – The limbs are a very integral part of the bow. Essentially, the limbs are the two long, curved portions of the bow from which the string is tied to each end. They extend from the middle of the bow, lending itself the term "limb".
  • Nock – A nock refers to the action of properly and adequately placing an arrow on its proper place on a bow.
  • Release – A release is the act of firing the arrow from the bow. It has earned the term "release" because you release the bow's string, causing the arrow to propel towards its destination.
  • Sight – A sight is a tool that is used to align one's eyes with the desired target. The sight sits in the middle of the limbs of the bow and offers added precision and accuracy to an archer's own vision.

Archery can be a fun competitive sport or great to use while on a hunting excursion. Hopefully, this article has given you a few pointers on how to properly use archery lingo and terminology. For more ideas, visit places like Wilcox Bait Tackle. Happy shooting!