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Careers You Can Consider When You Complete An Open Water Diving Course

If you love SCUBA diving as a hobby, you may be able to turn your love of water into a career. There are many divers that find employment in many sectors, from trainers to rescue divers to underwater welding. When you take an open water diving course, you open up your options in a whole new way. Learn what an open water diving course is and the different careers you can enjoy in completing it.

What an open water diving course entails

An open water diving course is the entry-level course in SCUBA diving that teaches you all the basics. With this course, you learn how to wear your equipment, different water conditions, underwater navigation, self-rescue techniques, and more. Much of this course is taught in a classroom or online setting with a diving portion taught by a skilled instructor in an enclosed pool or roped-off section of ocean water. This is a course you can take if you want to learn how to dive on your own or to gain career opportunities, including the few common ones explained below.

Fish hatchery diver

If you have a love of the outdoors and want a nature-themed career where you can use your diving skills, consider a career in a fish hatchery. Divers are often needed to check and secure enclosures to keep fish safe and protected. Divers are also employed to track fresh hatches and separate fish to keep them all healthy and in organized groups. Once you complete an open water diving course, you can be eligible for working with many government and privately-owned fish hatcheries in your area. You may also work in managed lakes where fish are introduced to repopulate certain habitats for year-round employment.

Advanced lifeguard

Living near a lake or the ocean gives you plenty of opportunities to put your SCUBA skills to great use in your community. An advanced lifeguard is a lifeguard who monitors swimmers in a large, unpredictable swimming area rather than a managed pool. You can potentially save lives with your knowledge of deep diving, water conditions, and underwater navigation while enjoying one of your favorite recreational pastimes.

As you take an open water diving course, talk to your instructors about other types of training you can do to help improve your career opportunities. From your basic courses to GPS tracking and emergency training, there are many ways you can get into a wonderful career in the water doing what you love.

For more information, contact Colorado Scuba Center or a similar location.