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Investing in New Dasher Boards for Your Ice Rink

Many people enjoy using ice skating as a way to get exercise and have fun. Playing hockey is an on-ice activity that is growing in popularity among skaters of all ages. In order to ensure that players can safely and effectively utilize your rink for their hockey needs, it's important that you have the right perimeter installed. Dasher boards provide a flexible surface against which players can check one another during a game. 

Here are three things that you should be looking for as you shop for new dasher boards for your ice rink in the future.

1. Quality Materials

Installing new dasher boards around the perimeter of your ice rink requires that you thaw the ice surface and drain off excess water in order to create a safe work surface for installation crews. This can be a costly process, so you want to ensure that you don't have to install new dasher boards more often than necessary.

Boards that are created from quality materials like structural steel and impact-resistant PVC will have a long lifespan, ensuring that you won't need to incur the cost of thawing out your rink's ice surface to facilitate dasher board replacements in the near future.

2. Customization

Generating revenue to keep your ice rink running can be challenging. You can use the dasher boards that you purchase to help you create additional cash flow by making sure the boards can be customized.

This feature will allow you to sell advertising space on each board. When a dasher board can be customized with a banner featuring a local company's logo and/or marketing message, your investment in new boards can be an investment in your rink's advertising budget as well.

3. Insulation

Maintaining a cool surface temperature is critical when it comes to the quality of your ice sheet. If the temperature fluctuates too much, the ice will become brittle and unsuitable for hockey games.

The dasher boards that you select for your rink can play a significant role in determining the on-ice surface temperature. You want to ensure that the boards you invest in are equipped with insulation materials that will help to prevent the temperature fluctuations that can ruin your ice sheet over time.

When you understand the important role that dasher boards can play in your rink, it's easy to see why careful selection is required when installing new dasher boards around your rink's perimeter. For more guidance and to review your options, talk to businesses like All American Arena Products.