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How To Attract Whitetail Deer To Your Property

Whitetail deer can exist in most environments, which makes them popular for deer hunting. They are comfortable in either a dense national forest or in a suburban flower bed. If you want to attract deer to your woodland, then you must create the ideal habitat.

Provide Adequate Cover

You need adequate cover to attract buck to your property. Whitetails need bedding and security cover. Bedding cover is a comfortable location for the buck to relax during the day. It should protect them from being detected by predators. Good options for bedding covers are grass fields, shrub thickets and hunting ridges.

A security cover is a habitat that the deer moves through on the way to feeding areas and bedding. It is also used to hide from predators or to protect against weather elements. This habitat must be somewhere the deer can feel comfortable. Good examples of security covers are a swamp, conifer plantation or a blowdown area. For these reasons, you have to find ways to increase the security and bedding cover on your property.

Provide Food

You can improve your land for bucks with food plots. Food plots can provide the necessary calories for a herd of deer year-round. You must choose plant species that provide food when most of the area is depleted. If you are in an area with an abundance of corn, then by late season the corn is not going to be as available. To counter this problem, you should plant a late-season brassica mix. It creates a lush forage that attracts bucks to your food plot and keeps them there until late season.

Provide Water

Mature bucks need water to survive. They need water year-round, but especially during the summer months. If you do not have any water features on your land, then you need to make some available. Examples of natural water sources are swamps, ponds, rivers and streams. It helps to have multiple small water sources to prevent the buck from having to travel far. The small water sources also make the buck feel more comfortable.

Hunting is a pastime enjoyed by many Americans. This activity allows them to take control and enjoy nature. Deer are attractive to environments that fulfill their needs.

You have to incorporate all of these things to attract deer to your property. These things are necessary for survival. They will hold them on your property, which allows you to get the most from whitetail deer hunting.