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Hello, it's Vanessa Dubola here to talk to you about biking. When I was a young girl, I struggled to lose weight and keep it off. I continually focused on my diet in an attempt to keep the excess pounds at bay. Eventually, I realized that I was living a sedentary lifestyle that was making it difficult to stay at a healthy weight. As a result, I picked up biking as my new hobby. I started spending a lot of time on my mountain bike. I rode on trails, streets and through parks to work out my body and burn calories. Since I was instantly in love with this hobby, I started picking up lots of biking gear. I'd like to use this site to discuss biking gear uses and benefits. I hope you follow along and learn something new about gear used for biking. Thanks for visiting.

How To Convince Your Romantic Partner To Be Your Dance Partner

It's a common problem for couples. One of you loves to dance, or wants to learn to dance. The other one is uninterested or even averse to setting foot on a dance floor. What can you do? If you're the partner who wants to dance, must you resign yourself to watching others from the sidelines? Or is there a way to convince your partner or spouse to go dancing or take dance lessons with you? Take a look at some tips that can help you convince your romantic partner to be your dance partner as well.

Point Out the Relationship Benefits

Do couples who dance together stay together? Maybe so. Studies show that couples who participate in physical activities together report feeling more in love with their partner and satisfied with their relationship in general. And while there are a variety of exercises and physical activities that you could do with your partner, dancing is a good fit for many couples. Many types of dance are specifically intended for couples to do together, after all, and there are so many different styles of dance that it should be possible to find something that suits both your own and your partner's fitness and ability levels.

If you and your partner are both new to dancing, there may be another relationship benefit to dance as well. Researchers have found that when couples try new things together, it helps them rekindle the kind of spark that they felt early in the relationship. That's a great reason to sign up for swing or ballroom dancing lessons together.

Make a Deal

Is there something that your partner has been asking you to try, but you weren't interested? If you want your partner to join you on the dance floor, you should be willing to take part in one of their hobbies as well. If your partner has been talking about going deep sea fishing or geocaching, this may be the time for you to offer to join them, as long as they return the favor by joining you at a dance class.

Alternatively, you may be able to trade dancing just for letting your partner do something they love guilt-free. Let your partner know that you won't complain if they host the next watch-party for the big football game or book club meeting at your place, as long as they'll agree to go dancing with you.

Include Dancing in a Larger Plan

If your partner isn't interested in dancing, the idea of using an entire date night on dancing might seem like too much. However, you don't have to make a whole date out of dancing – it can be a small part of a larger plan.  

You could go to dinner, go dancing, and take in a late movie. Or take an afternoon dance class and follow it up with a round of mini-golf, a couple's massage, or a trip to the museum. Plan a date that you know that your partner will enjoy, with a bit of dancing thrown in for you.

Consider a Different Dance Partner

Dancing can be romantic, but it doesn't have to be. If your romantic partner just won't dance with you, there's no reason why you can't go dancing with a friend instead. Or you can sign up for dance lessons where you'll meet new friends who share your interest in dancing. You can find a platonic dance partner there.

It's possible that when your partner sees you enjoying yourself dancing with friends, they'll rethink their position and decide to join you. But even if they don't, there's no need to worry. It's good for couples to do things together, but it's also good for each partner to spend some time pursuing separate interests. That way, everyone gets to do what they want, and you'll have new things to talk about when you're together.

Dancing is a great couples activity, but it's also good exercise and a fun way to socialize and meet new people as well. Whether you already love to dance or are excited to learn how for the first time, incorporating dance into your life is sure to come with great benefits. Reach out to local dance studios, such as Mercury Academy of Dance, near you to learn more.