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Scotland Golf Tour Packages: Castles, Scotch, And Tee Time

If you're a golf enthusiast, Scotland is the Mecca of the game you love. When you're looking to make a pilgrimage to golf's birthplace, booking a Scotland golf tour package can offer you both access and value.

Here are some of the features to consider when choosing Scotland golf tour packages.

Tee Time

If you're booking a Scotland golf tour package, golf is likely the most important word in the equation.

The Legends: Scotland is home to some of the most iconic golf courses in the world. These legends include St. Andrews, Royal Dornoch, Carnoustie, and Western Gailes. Any Scotland golf tour package you book should include one or more of these courses. However, if your tour of Scotland is less than a week, this can be a tough feat. You can maximize your opportunities to play on Scotland's most iconic courses by sticking to east or west coast courses. By focusing on spending your time on either coast, you will cut down on your travel time and make it possible to take advantage of off-hours tee times (which are often late morning to mid-afternoon).

Links With Locals: another appeal of golfing in a country like Scotland is the local enthusiasm and appreciation of the game. Many Scotland golf tour packages will pair you up with a local golf pro to give you an insider's perspective of the course. These pairing can introduce you to the history of each course and give you valuable insight into the nuances of the game you love.


Many of Scotland's legendary courses were built on royal estates that date back the age of castles and sprawling manors. What separates many of the Scotland golf tour packages are the accommodations. Most of the top-tier Scotland golf tours include stays at castles on or near each of the historic courses you'll play. Choosing a package that includes these accommodations can make your time in Scotland feel like you're time-traveling to a bygone era.


In addition to hitting the links on postcard-perfect courses and hitting the hay in highland castles, you might also want to partake in another local invention: scotch. Many of the top Scotland golf tour packages will also include tours, tastings, and dinners at local Scottish distilleries. These tours will allow you to sample some of the finest scotch in the world and taste varieties/vintages that aren't commercially available outside of Scotland.