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Benefits Of Adding A Silencer To Your Handgun Or Pistol

A pistol silencer added to the barrel of a pistol or handgun can make a big difference in the noise level of the firearm, but some additional benefits make them a good fit when target shooting at the local range. While many states allow you to purchase a 9mm silencer or one for another handgun, you will need to check the legality of carrying a firearm with a silencer in your specific location. 

Sounds Levels

Reducing the sound of the pistol or handgun is often the first goal people have when buying and using a pistol silencer on their gun. When you spend the day at the range shooting targets, noise reduction can help protect your ears and make shooting a better experience. 

A silencer is a simple tool that helps slow and redirects the gases coming out of the barrel when you fire your gun, reducing the sound to a more manageable level. While still audible, the noise is low enough that you will notice a difference right away, and in some cases, the noise reduction is low enough to switch from shooting muffs to simple earplugs when shooting. 

The silencer manufacturer can tell you what the specific reduction is in decibels and help you choose a pistol silencer that will fit your specific weapon and reduce the noise to a level that is comfortable for you.

Recoil Management

The pistol silencer you choose will often have additional benefits beyond noise reduction. Because it reduces the speed of the gasses leaving the barrel, the silencer will also reduce the weapon's recoil. Lowering the recoil makes the firearm more comfortable for the shooter and can improve the firearm's accuracy. 

As the recoil drops, so does the barrel rise with each shot, making it easier for the shooter to get back on target after each shot. The gun is not moving around as much, and the added forward weight of the pistol silencer can make it easier to keep that barrel down.

When firing many shots in succession, otherwise known as rapid-firing the gun, this reduction in barrel the rise is significant and can create a much more manageable firearm.

Fitting A Silencer

Installing a pistol silencer on your gun is not difficult, but it may require you to change the barrel to one that is a little longer and is threaded on the end to accept the silencer. Some handguns and pistols come from the manufacturer silencer-ready, but you must modify most weapons in order for them to work correctly. 

The barrel is simple to replace on most guns, and you can reinstall the old barrel later if you choose to revert the firearm to the stock configuration just as quickly as you modified it when adding the pistol silencer to the gun. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a pistol silencer from a supplier near you.